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How to Care For Your Thongs, G Strings and Sexy Underwear


Thongs and G Strings, while certainly small in size, are not necessarily small in price. While thongs and G Strings can be purchased in quantity from discount stores, a quality thong or G String cost upwards of $15 to $30. So, whether you paid $5 or $30, knowing how to care for your sexy underwear can keep them looking hot for a lot longer.

Thongs are more delicate than the white cotton bikini panties or briefs that most of us wear on a daily basis. Treating them as the delicates that they are will extend the life span and appearance.  Knowing proper laundry care is important to this end. Regardless of fabric content, most thongs and G Strings are washable.

The laundry care term “washable" means different things to different people. For myself, I want “washable” to mean I can use a little common sense, sort the colors, throw it into the washer, into the dryer, hang it up and then wear it without having to iron it first. To guys in general, and most college students, male or female, washable means to cram as many clothes as possible into the washing machine without regard to water temperature, color or fabric and hope for the best. Well, when it comes to thongs and G Strings, washable means "hand wash only" regardless of the fabric care instruction label.

Even on the most delicate cycle a washing machine puts a lot of stress on fabric. And, since there isn't much fabric on your average thongs to begin with, it doesn't need any extra stress; especially when that stress shows up as rough fabric patches, pilling, elastic “hairs” and reduced elasticity.

Here's how to keep your thongs hot and sexy:

  1. Run some cold water into the sink and add a few drops of any commercial hand washing detergent, think Woolite. Don't use regular laundry detergent, shampoo, a bar of soap, or dishwashing detergent! If you're away from home and don't have access to the right detergent, then rinse with plain water.
  2. Submerge your thongs in the water and let them soak for a while. Then swish them around for a few seconds while gently squeezing them underwater to force the water and detergent through the fabric's pores. If you've got any scrubbing that needs to be done, do it gently.
  3. Gently squeeze the water through the material a few more times and then rinse the thongs in running cold water. Lay them flat on a towel and let them dry naturally. Don't put your thongs in the clothes dryer even on the gentle setting. The heat from the dryer will definitely damage the elastic.

If you absolutely must use a washing machine then use the cold water setting and the delicate or hand wash cycle. Use lingerie bag and toss the bag into the washing machine. Once the washer is finished, allow to air dry. Remember, a clean thong is a happy thong.


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Contact us at: Please let us know of any lingerie or clothing names, terms, and phrases that we have missed.  We also want any special laundry hints and your tricks for dealing with difficult stains.  We are trying to make this Lingerie Dictionary a complete as possible and your suggestions are always welcome.