The Clothing, Lingerie and Apparel Dictionary

Clothing: a covering designed to be worn on a person's body

Lingerie: women's underwear, nightclothes, and intimate apparel

Apparel: Clothing, especially outer garments or attire

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Tactel Registered brand of synthetic performance fabric known for its springy, lightweight construction and wicking power.
Taffeta A stiff lustrous silk or silk-type fabric with a slight rib.
Tailored Clothing or lingerie designed to have the appearance of being custom fit and cut. Tailored clothing or lingerie is usually fitted to the body.
Tanga A lingerie pant style that has thin straps across the hips. Similar to a boy short but slightly higher in the waist and lower in the leg. A tanga is between a bikini and a thong with a more narrow back coverage than a traditional panty, but not as narrow as a thong. A tanga is more common in Europe than in the US. They are also a comfortable transition from a bikini before trying a thong.  This style is occasionally seen in bikini swimwear bottoms.
Tank Top Sleeveless shirt for men or women.
Tap Pants Usually associated with lingerie, tap pants are shorts with a slightly gathered, elasticized waistband and very short, loose-fitting legs.
Tapestry Rich looking fabric similar in appearance to the heavy, hand-woven designs used in making curtains and upholstery.  This fabric often has a floral design woven into the fabric.
Teddie, Teddy Lingerie item that combines a camisole with a panty. A teddy can be fitted to the body or loose and is worn either under clothing or as sleepwear. A combination of camisole and panty with high cut legs and usually a thong in back, however, some risqué styles may use a G String back.


A teddy with attached garters to keep stockings from falling down. Teddiettes may have either a thong or G String back.
Thermal Underwear Long sleeve pullover or long underwear made in thick cotton or cotton blend with a waffled texture designed to retain heat for winter wear.  Thermal underwear is also referred to as “long johns”.
Thigh High Stockings, Thigh Highs Stockings that just reach the mid-thigh and are held up by elastomer (stay up) bands around the top.
Thigh Shaper Shape wear piece designed to hold a woman's thighs in a certain shape.  This foundation garment is often used to help hide perceived figure flaws.
Thirds Clothing and hosiery that contains major imperfections such as runs, snags, breaks and obvious mends.  These are generally not offered for sale to the public.
Thong An underwear style for both men and women with a thin fabric back that rests between the buttocks. A panty with a narrow strip of fabric in the back that begins as a "v" shape at the back waistband and then tapers to a thin strip by the time it reaches the crotch. This style panty is great if you don’t want panty lines.  This also a frequently seen style for bikini swimwear bottoms.
Thong Back Term defining the back of a panty meaning the thin strip of material resting between the buttocks and exposing most or all of this area.  This term may be used to describe panties, swimwear, dancewear and lingerie.
Thong Boy, Thongboy

Features the comfort of a brief with the benefits of a thong. A thongboy provides coverage over the top back cheeks, but quickly reduces to a thong style when going through the crotch. Picture the thong boy as a boy short with a thong back panel.

Thong Panty

A panty with a thin fabric back that rests between the buttocks, exposing the area.
Tie Back

A type of closure involving ties or laces that ties or fastens in the back.

Tie Belt

The sash or fabric used to tie a robe or Kimono that holds it closed.

Tie Front

A type of closure involving ties or laces that fastens in the front.

Tie Side, Tie Sides

Garment ties or unties at the side or sides.


A heavy, opaque one-piece garment from hip to toe worn with leotards for dance, exercise, etc. It is usually made with 40-denier yarn or higher and is sometimes made of yarn other than nylon.

Triangle Bikini, Triangle Bra, Triangle Bra Top A triangle bra has triangle shaped cups, which offer the perfect amount of coverage/support for petite to average figures. Triangles bras may be padded or lined but generally do not have under wires. Most have thin straps and the bottom of the bra is often gathered along a drawstring that may tie in the back like a bikini swimsuit top.
Tricot Plain, close warp-knitted nylon fabric.  This fabric is usually very soft, clingy and stretchy.
T-Shirt, T Shirt

A knitted undershirt with short sleeves, usually a crew neck, although sometimes produced with a V-neck.

T-Shirt Bra, T Shirt Bra Type of seamless, contour cup bra designed to appear invisible under form fitting clothing. T-shirt Bras are absent of lace or ornamentation and often have a front closure.

Tube Top

A strapless, body-hugging top made from a rectangular piece of fabric, usually Lycra, Spandex or similar stretchy knit fabric.

Tulle Stiffened nylon mesh.  This fabric is sometimes used for making petticoats.

Tummy Shaper

Sometimes called a "tummy tamer", this shape wear garment is designed to hold in or flatten a woman's stomach.



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