The Clothing, Lingerie and Apparel Dictionary

Clothing: a covering designed to be worn on a person's body

Lingerie: women's underwear, nightclothes, and intimate apparel

Apparel: Clothing, especially outer garments or attire

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Sexy Lingerie, Naughty Lingerie and Lingerie Club Wear

Lingerie has come a long way from boned corsets, girdles and other restrictive foundation garments worn in by women in the past. Today, lingerie is designed for the woman as a person rather than the woman as an object. Lingerie is now made to be comfortable in addition to being sexy. Sexy lingerie and lingerie inspired street wear and club wear is showing up everywhere from lingerie stores to conservative department stores.

There are basically four main categories of lingerie:

Practical Lingerie: This is lingerie, foundation garments, sleep wear and lounge wear which are purchased for daily wear. Think functional use rather than style and sex appeal. This includes everything from everyday garments for work to just plain standard nighttime sleepwear. Sometimes you just want something plain for lounging around in and lingerie doesn’t always have to be a Babydoll or teddy. Practical lingerie includes basic bras, panties, sport bras, your favorite old over sized T shirt that you like to sleep in, casual loungewear and sleep wear. Practical lingerie is “comfort clothes”… soft, warm, and comfy but not necessarily sexy or even pretty.

Sexy Lingerie: This is lingerie, foundation garments, sleep wear and lounge wear which are purchased because they make the person wearing them feel sexy. Sexy, exotic lingerie combines both form and function. Some women who buy this type of lingerie do so to feel sexy throughout the day having the knowledge that they are hiding something provocative under their everyday clothing. This also can give a woman a sense of power and confidence knowing that if her male co-worker had any idea what she had on underneath it would drive him insane. Sexy lingerie includes cute, sexy bra and panty sets, camisole and panty sets, a sexy thong or a G String panty.

Naughty Lingerie: This is lingerie that is designed to seduce and entrance. While usually worn for special occasions it can be exciting to wear nightly if you have several different items to make it stay interesting and fun. This the type of lingerie most purchased by men. This group of lingerie includes lingerie costumes, cupless lingerie, open crotch lingerie, bras with peek-a-boo cups, garter belts, pasties and anything else that can be imagined.

Lingerie Club Wear: This is lingerie that can do double duty as both sexy lingerie and street wear or club wear. Current fashion trends show baby doll lingerie, corsets, waist cinchers, chemises, camisoles, PVC bras, leather bras, bustiers, and other styles of sexy lingerie worn as sexy club wear and street wear, both alone or in combination with more conservative clothing.

Where to find sexy lingerie, naughty lingerie and lingerie club wear

With the internet, having access to a wide range of sexy lingerie, naughty lingerie and lingerie club wear has become fast, easy and embarrassment free. You can even shop for you sexy lingerie while wearing your practical, comfy lingerie and no one knows you are buying a sexy teddy while wearing your over sized pajama pants and bunny slippers. Have fun shopping for lingerie. If you are feeling adventurous, you can get some good ideas on what is hot by going to a classy club that has exotic dancers and make notes about what they are wearing.  Exotic dancers in upscale clubs make a very good living and usually are wearing the latest lingerie fashions. Not that brave? Surf the internet. Most of the major fashion magazines now have their magazines online. Do a search for sexy lingerie and be sure to check out the result listings beyond page 1 or 2. Also keep in mind that the returned results for “sexy lingerie” will be different than “lingerie sexy” so get a little creative with your search terms and have some fun.


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Contact us at: Please let us know of any lingerie or clothing names, terms, and phrases that we have missed.  We also want any special laundry hints and your tricks for dealing with difficult stains.  We are trying to make this Lingerie Dictionary a complete as possible and your suggestions are always welcome.